Weld repair, cladding & corrosion protection of nozzles in-situ

Automated & mechanized welding repair concepts of corroded nozzles in reactors, pressure vessels & columns on-site - worldwide
Uddcomb International develop solutions to solve process related damages in nozzles onsite. Uddcomb provide advanced welding solutions to repair, refurbish and protect nozzles and pipes that is part of the pressure retaining structure of reactors, columns or other pressure vessels onsite. Replacement of nozzles that is part of the pressure retaining structure of a pressure vessel is often a technically very challenging, time consuming, risky and costly operation. Uddcomb has experience from a wide range of welding technologies such as mechanized TIG welding applications or MAG welding applications.  The preffered technology is depending on the diameter of the nozzles, and the quality requirements.

Avoid replacement of nozzles and components with Uddcomb OPTICLAD™ & Uddcomb OPTICRO™. Advanced welding solutions for refurbishment, repair & upgrade of nozzles and components insitu

Replacement of nozzles that is part of a reactor or other pressure retaining structure is challenging. The pressure retaining structure will be affected. Preheat and post weld heat treatment onsite of the pressure vessel will be issues that needs to be considered during a replacement. In addition the welding onsite of a nozzle into an often thick walled reactor is considered a technically challenging activity. A mechanized weld repair/weld overlay (WoL)/ cladding solution of the process damaged nozzle onsite is often an alternative to a costly, time consuming and technical challenging replacement. Uddcomb have developed unique automated weld overlay equipment for welding repairs, weld overlay & cladding of down to 2 inch nozzles (ID) up to 100 inch nozzles onsite (Insitu) worldwide.  The mechanized weld overlay equipment is equipped with cameras for external monitoring of the complete welding process and the welding can be done with both TIG and MIG/MAG process depending on the internal diameter of the nozzles as well as the specific quality requirements. Dont hesitate to contact us with your specific needs in terms of welding repairs, surface protection, cladding & weld overlay of nozzles insitu.

  • Uddcomb tailorize welding/weld overlay (WoL) & cladding solutions for a wide range of nozzle ID (2 inch and up)

  • Welding repairs, weld overlay & cladding of nozzles can be done onsite worldwide as well as in workshops with Uddcomb unique solutions – Uddcomb OPTICLAD™ & Uddcomb OPTICRO™

  • Costly, time consuming and technically challenging replacements can be avoided
  • A wide range of filler material are availible for a tailorized repair/corrosion protection solution
  • 2 Inch small bore internal diameter nozzles up to large internal diameter nozzles can be repaired and overlay welded internally without having to be replaced. Uddcomb OPTICLAD offers a complete refurbishment & corrosion protection solution for pressure vessel nozzles insitu.


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Uddcomb International AB are an advanced welding service contractor that provides lifetime extensions solutions, repairs and new builds of plant components onsite worldwide. By offering state-of-the-art refurbishments instead of replacements our solutions arent just cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. As an advanced welding service contractor we support our clients during their critical maintenance shutdowns & turnarounds globally.

Some examples of Uddcomb Internationals unique technologies, solutions and capabilities are:

  • THE UDDCOMB METHOD® has provided superior corrosion/erosion protection of pressure vessels for more than 30 years                 
  • Manufacturing of test blocks and test specimens for improved reliability of nuclear power primary components
  • Manufacturing and installation of equipment for high voltage cable manufacturing
  • Mechanized / Automated TIG & Orbital welding solutions onsite for highest possible quality requirements  
  • Advanced manual welding repairs and replacements of components 
  • Uddcomb OPTICLAD™  – Refurbishment, repair & corrosion protection of internal diameter small bore nozzles insitu
  • Uddcomb OPTICRO™ – Corrosion Resistant Overlay welding of components
  • Uddcomb OPTIGAP™ – Uddcomb Internationals advanced welding technology for orbital narrow gap welding with optimized metallurgical properties. Advanced orbital welding solutions that can be tailorized for multiple applications. A technology specially developed for the highest quality requirements.


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